Surcharge Fee​


To all our Yoga Bodies Vaughan students,​

We are thrilled to have received the news that we will be able to reopen our doors again this Saturday, November 7th, 2020. It has been a difficult time for many of us over the last few months as we all try to resume some sort of normalcy in our lives. We appreciate all the support and patience from our community and look forward to continuing our practice within our studio.

With the reopening of the modified Stage 2, the Government has created new guidelines that we will have to abide by. Unfortunately, and as you all know, our reopening in Stage 3 required us to dramatically reduce our class sizes to allow for social distancing of 2 metres. The new modified Stage 2 guidelines now require that all group classes be capped at a maximum of 10 students, and that the social distance requirement is now 3 metres.

As such, with these new provisions mandated by the Government of Ontario, we are now only able to operate our business at a 20% capacity than we did pre-Covid-19. This creates a difficult struggle for our students as well as for us.

Due to these requirements, unfortunately we do not have the same space to offer classes for all of our students, which will make all available space in the classes in high demand for those looking to practice within our studio. These restrictions may be around for some time and we simply cannot operate as we once did in order to survive. Moving forward, and until these restrictions are lifted here will be some changes within the studio until we are able to operate at a normal state and capacity.

For the time being, in order for us to sustain the physical location and the presence of our wonderful teachers we will be implementing a new Covid-19 $5 per class fee for Yoga Bodies Vaughan current yearly and 3 months memberships. A $5 fee will also be applied to any monthly auto renewal membership purchased on or before October 16th 2020.

This fee will help us cover unforeseen costs including purchasing masks, extra sanitizing products, taking extra time to sanitize the studio before and after each class, and will allow us to continue to operate the studio during this unprecedented time.

Further, the following will apply:

  • All students must pre-register for class online only.
  • Class registration will open at 12.01am the day before.
  • Late cancel is required no more than 4 hours prior to class to avoid a late cancel charge
  • A $15.00 late cancel/no show fees will be charged, as well as a deduction of 1 class if registered through class cards. (No exceptions)
  • Late charges must be paid in full before registration will be allowed to resume. We will be strictly enforcing this policy, and credit cards on file will be charged immediately.

Yoga Bodies Vaughan members who are not comfortable returning to the studio at this time may transfer their annual membership over to In Studio Account Credits to be used for future in studio memberships and class cards. At this time, memberships will continue to remain no holds, non-transferable and non-refundable. Account Credits will have a year expiry on all accounts.

Please note:

  • Only 10 spots are available in public classes.
  • Studio doors will open 15 minutes before class begins.
  • Change rooms have reopened with a maximum of 3 students in ladies and 2 in men. (Showers will remain closed)
  • Water fountains remain closed, please bring water to studio with you.
  • Forehead temperature checks will be conducted
  • Masks must be worn in the studio at all times unless you are on your mat for class.
  • Please place mats on designated stickers. (Room layout has changed)
  • Hand Sanitizers are located around the studio for use.
  • Only Mats, Towels and water will be allowed in the practice room.
  • Remember to social distance while in the studio lobby and hallways.
  • Hands on adjustments will still no longer be offered by our instructors.

Most importantly, if you have any Covid-19 symptoms, have travelled in the past 14 days or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, please stay home.

We thank you all for the support during this time and look forward to seeing you all again in studio.